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Do Your Due Diligence

A home inspection has become almost a mandatory ingredient when buying a new or older home. Most buyers insist on a professional home inspection to make sure all of the major components and infrastructure are in satisfactory condition. A home inspection can reveal issues that are not obvious to most home buyers. Problems with , electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, water heaters, plumbing, roof and structural issues are sometimes hard to detect and can become a nightmare for both the seller and buyer. A professional home inspection can eliminate any surprises and save both parties not only time and money, but many headaches along the way. Your due diligence equals "Peace of Mind".

Home Inspections Save You Cash



T.E.A.M Home Inspection adheres to the Standards of Practice of the Arizona Board of Technical Registration posted at: https://btr.az.gov/laws-standards/standards/home-inspectors

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